BFT Automation

BFT Automation

With over 530 distributors over 120 countries, BFT is a worldwide name in the Automation world.

How to Find your Remote


Mitto 2B Remote Mitto 4B Remote Mitto 2 Remote Grey
Mitto 2 Remote Blue Mitto 4 Remote - Grey Mitto 4 Remote - Blue
TRC1 Remote TRC2 Remote TRC4 Remote


VTM1 Remote VTM2 Remote VTM4 Remote
TEO1 Remote TEO2 Remote TEO4 Remote
TX1F Remote TX2F Remote TX4F Remote
T01 Remote T02 Remote T04 Remote
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Are you searching for a replacement remote for you gate/garage……. Retro Remotes has searched high and low to feature the largest variety of remotes in Australia. If you are wanting…………