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With the unveiling of their first B&D Roll-A-Door in 1956, B&D Doors has grown to become one of Australians largest Automatic Systems Brands.  B&D are leading the way in residential doors and industrial doors and shutter systems.  The introduction of the Tri-Tran Frequency technology has eliminated the interference issues that affect openers using 433Mhz frequency.

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TB5 Remote by B&D TB6 Remote - Black by B&D Doors TB6 Remote - Red by B&D Doors
ATA TRI-TRAN RECEIVER KPX7 Keypad by B&D Doors Tri Tran Mini by B&D
Tri Tran v1 Orange Remote Tri Tran v1 Remote Tri Tran v2 Remote

Made by Chamberlain

 059116 Black Remote  062162 Remote  062170 remote
 062266 Remote by B&D Doors  062162 Remote by B&D Doors

OBSOLETE MODELS – These models do not have a suitable replacement.  You will need to install an upgrade kit or replace with a newer motor.

 4332RBD remote  4333EBD Remote by B&D Doors  FMT 201 12 Switch Remote
 TRG306 Remote by B&D  Tiltamatic Remote by B&D Doors  CAD4 Remote by B&D Doors
 MPC1 Remote by B&D Doors  MPC2 Remote by B&D  MPC2 mini Remote
 MPC3 Remote by B&D  MPC3 Mini Remote by B&D Doors  MPC4 Remote by B&D Doors
 Red Box Remote by B&D
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