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ATA Neo Slider 500


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The ATA Neo Slider 500 Sliding Gate Opener includes:

  • Drive Unit NES-500
  • 2 x PTX5v2 Remotes (61161)
  • Metal Base Plate
  • 4 x 1m Rack
  • Installation Accessory Pack (61480)
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Standard Shipping Australia-Wide*
  • 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty*

Optional Extras:

ATA Wireless Safety BeamATA 2-wire Safety BeamATA KPX7 Tri-Code Keypad

ATA Wireless Safety Beam

ATA 2-Wire Safety Beam

KPX7 TriCode Keypad
ATA SMART Phone - Smart Hub OnlyATA SMART Phone - Transceiver ONLY (Gate)

Smart Phone Control  – Smart Hub

Smart Phone Control – Gate Transceiver

Battery Back Up – Neo

This powerful unit combine clever electronics and robust mechanics to make residential sliding gate automation simple and secure. They feature a variety of operating modes, custom settings, numerous inputs to interface with devices such as intercoms, and a service indicator.

NeoSlider 500 is perfect for residential gates up to a weight of 500kg and a width of 6m. This powerful unit will operate the majority of residential gates in Australia


  • ISS (Intelligent Safety Obstruction System)
  • Soft Start/ Soft Stop
  • Gate/Door Profiling
  • Single Gate/ Dual Gate
  • Auto Close
  • Vacation Mode
  • Auxillary Output
  • Service Reminder
  • Lockout System
  • Weather Resistant
  • Pedestrian Mode
  • Wieless Safety Beams Ready (Optional)
  • Battery Backup (Optional)
  • Smart Solar (Optional)
  • Courtesy Light Output (Optional)
  • Smart Phone Control (Optional)
ISS (Intelligent Safety Obstruction System 
If contact is made with an obstruction while moving, the opener either stops or reverses the door to reduce injury to persons and damage to property.
Soft Start/ Soft Stop
Ramping speed up and down at the start and end of each cycle reduces stress on the door and opener for longer life, and makes for quieter operation.
Gate/Door Profiling
Every door and gate is unique, and each needs amounts of force throughout each open and close cycle.  The amount of power needed for your door or gate is learned during setup and is constantly re-profiles.  This helps ISS to do its job.
Auto Close
Auto-Close ensures peace of mind and keeps your home secure by automatically closing the gate upon entering or exiting the property
Vacation Mode
Locking out all but one master transmitter, vacation mode ensures your gate opener cannot be operated until you return.
Auxillary Output
The Auxillary mode can activate other devices, such as an existing garage door opener or alarm system, from your new TriCode transmitter.
Service Reminder
Like a car, your gate and opener need periodic servicing to maintain their performance and warranties.  ATA openers let you know through audible and visual reminders.
Lockout System
Prevents unauthorised manual operation of the door or gate, with disengagement systems secured by keyed locks
Weather Resistant
For Installations where the opener is exposed to the elements, the unit is sealed to prevent damaging water ingress.
Pedestrian Mode
This mode allows you to set up a limited opening width for your gate, ideal for pedestrian access.
Wireless Safety Beams Ready (optional)
This opener is compatible with the new Wireless safety beams system, making installation of this important safety device easier and neater.





Additional information

Weight10. kg



Does Not Apply

Opener/Motor Type

Application Use


Protection rating:IP33
 Input voltage:230V – 240V AC 50Hz
Transformer primary voltage:230V/240VAC
Secondary voltage:24V AC 150 VA
Controller voltage:24V DC
Motor type:Permanent Magnet Direct Current
Motor voltage:24V DC
Maximum pulling force:200N
Maximum gate opening*:






Opener maximum

Opening/closing run time:

30 seconds
Receiver type:TrioCode™128
Receiver code storage capacity:30 x 4 Button Transmitter Codes
Transmitter frequency:433.47, 433.92, 434.37 MHz
Coding typeHopping Code
No. of code combinations:Over 100 billion random codes
Code generation:Non-linear encryption algorithm
Transmitter battery:CR2032


  1. The maximum gate size that the NeoSlider™ can be installed on is 10m wide and 250kg. The gate must be well balanced. A person should be able to move the gate manually with very little effort (15kg force max.) in case of an emergency.
  2. Intermittent operations may occur in areas which experience very strong wind gusts. A strong wind puts extra pressure on the gate and tracks which may in turn trigger the safety obstruction detection system intermittently

ATA NeoSlider 500 Installation Instructions


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