Gliderol G+ TM390 GEN 2 Remote Instructions

GENESIS and GENESIS OPTIMA Programming a new remote. Clearing the memory To erase all stored remote information, simply press and hold the ‘CODE’ button for more than 8 seconds. The dots shown on the display will disappear to confirm all remote programming information has been erased. Video Instructions Please note: this video shows the TM390+…

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Saying Farewell to Elsema FMT/KEY Remotes: Transitioning to a Better Solution

In the realm of home automation and security, change is inevitable. As technology advances, older systems often fade into obsolescence, making way for newer, more efficient solutions. Recently, the announcement of the discontinuation of Elsema FMT/KEY remotes has left many homeowners and businesses searching for alternatives. But fear not, for amidst this transition, there lies…

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Merlin E970 compatible with Merlin 2.0 Security and Merlin+ Security

Which Merlin Remote do I need?

If you have a garage door opener in Australia, there is a very high chance that you have a Merlin Remote by Chamberlain Group. To keep up with the ever changing technology, security and also safety laws – Merlin have changed not only the design of their remotes but also the technology within their openers/remotes…

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Elsema Gigalink Series


Versatile and easy to install, the Elsema Gigalink series has stood the test of time as one of the most popular receivers and remotes for everyday applications. Gigalink Receivers Gigalink Transmitter These receivers and remotes are not compatible with the Gigalink 27Mhz Receivers or any special order receivers with altered frequency.

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Elsema 151MHz 1 ch TRANSMITTER FMT15101E

Elsema High Range 151Mhz Series

The 151MHz remote control transmitters and receivers are designed to give an operating range of up to 5000 metres with low current consumption of 85mA. The 151MHz frequency is not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference. This makes it an ideal choice for long range commercial and industrial applications. Long Range Receivers These high…

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Can I buy a Universal Garage Remote

Can I buy a Universal Garage Remote?

This is a question that is asked commonly and to answer it fully is a little tricky.  There is no such thing as a fully universal garage remote for your garage – but, there is both aftermarket compatible remotes and duplicator remotes.  These in turn are limited to working on only a few compatible systems and the reason is TECHNOLOGY. Your garage door opener will either work…

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