ATA GDO 11 Ero Series 2 for Steel Belt Rail

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ATA GDO 11 ERO Series 2


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The ATA GDO 11 Ero Series 2 for Steel Belt Rail includes:

  • 1 x GDO-11 drive unit for Steel Belt
  • 1 x Visoclip
  • 3 x PTX5v2 Remotes
  • Installation Accessory Pack
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Standard Shipping Australia-Wide*
  • 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty*

The Ero® garage door opener offers great value for money. With important features included, Ero®’s 650N motor will drive most standard residential sectional doors.

It’s the choice for new home buyers and for all the right reasons. It comes standard with the important features of TrioCode™128, Intelligent Safety System, Door Profiling and Soft Start/Soft Stop. It also includes a Standard Courtesy Light, and conveniently a service indicator to remind you when your door needs servicing.


  • Soft Start/Soft Stop
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Door Profiling
  • TrioCode™128
  • Standard Courtesy Light
  • Service Indicator
  • Auxiliary Output
TrioCode™ 128 Technology
Only transmitters with the TrioCode™ 128 Technology can operate with the latest Openers, reducing the chance of nterference from other radio frequency
sources. Every time a TrioCode™ 128 transmitter is used a new security code is randomly generated from over 100 billion possibilities. This greatly enhances the
security of the system and makes “code grabbing” a thing of the past. TrioCode™ 128 transmitters have the ability to code into earlier model openers.
Auto Courtesy Light
The courtesy light (if fitted) comes on automatically for one minute whenever the door is activated. The light can also be operated independently of the door by coding a dedicated button on a transmitter
Service Indicator
The opener has a built in service counter. When this counter expires the opener will beep and display “SERVICE DUE” to indicate a service is required.

Additional information

Weight8. kg



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Opener/Motor Type

Application Use


PowerInput Voltage230-240V a.c. 50Hz
Transformer Rating 72VA72VA
Standby Power 2.2WStandby Power 2.2W
Motor Type 24V d.c. Permanent Magnet24V d.c. Permanent Magnet
Motor Power 100W100W
Short-term Lifting Force 650N650N
Door SizesMaximum Door Weight ˆ100kg
Rated Door Area13.5m2
Typical Travel Speed (door dependent)140mm/sec
Transmitter SystemReceiver/Transmitter FrequencyMulti-frequency UHF FM (433.47, 433.92 & 434.37MHz)
Coding SystemTrioCode™128, code hopping
Code Combinations3.4×1038 code combinations
Transmitter Capacity (x4-button registers)8
Additional FeaturesCourtesy Light1 x Festoon Globe
Safety Beam Compatibility1 x 2-wire PE Beam
Warranty*5 year/10,000 cycles
Network CompatibleReady for Smart Phone Control Kit

Installation Instructions ATA GDO 11 ERO Series 2




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