Why is my remote not programming?

We get it! It can be so frustrating when you are following the instructions and nothing is happening. Here is a list of common reasons your remote may not be programming to your motor.

Test the Battery inside the remote

Batteries have unknown lifecycles. There is no way of knowing how long a battery has sat dormant. Most remotes have an LED light that will light up when a button is pressed. If the light flashes on and off or does not come on, try replacing the battery and see if this solves your problem.

WARNING: Button or Coin Cell Batteries are often used within remotes. Please take care to discard of these types of batteries and keep out of reach of children.

Remote Compatibility

For your remote to pair to your opener it needs to match three ways:

  • Frequency
  • Coding Type
  • Manufacturers Code

Best way to check whether your remote is compatible is to check your motor for a Brand and Model number and search for the compatible remote. If there is no branding or model number visible CONTACT US and we will help you.

Memory is Full

Most residential motors have very minimum memory positions on the control boards receiver with the average being 8-10 positions.

The easiest way to test whether your memory is full is to attempt to program an unused button on a working remote. Firstly test that the button doesn’t activate the opener then follow the instructions supplied.

If the button activates the opener the issue is NOT the memory.

If it doesn’t activate then your memory is likely the problem. To resolve this follow the instructions to delete your memory. Doing this will usually delete ALL working remotes.

The Receiver is failing

The receiver accepts the signal from the remote to activate the opening and closing function on your opener. When it is on its way out you might notice some range issues, remotes dropping out of the receiver or your first sign might be that your remotes will no longer program to the receiver. If your receiver is the problem, you will need to arrange a replacement receiver to be wired into your opener – the new receiver may require a different remote.