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With the unveiling of their first B&D Roll-A-Door in 1956, B&D Doors has grown to become one of Australians largest Automatic Systems Brands.  B&D are leading the way in residential doors

rong> and industrial doors and shutter systems.  The introduction of the Tri-Tran Frequency technology has eliminated the interference issues that affect openers using 433Mhz frequency.Retro Remotes are authorised retailers of B&D Remotes as well as Sectional and Rolling Garage Door Motors.The Controll-A-Door Range can be fitted to an existing sectional or rolling garage door or installed at the same time as a new garage door.  Specifically designed for use on a variety of different sizes and types of B&D garage doors and backed by a 7 year Warranty*  This range includes the

The Panel Pro is a Sectional Garage Motor designed to suit most standard size single and double sized sectional garage doors backed by a 5 Year Warranty*The Roll-A-Pro is a Rolling Garage Motor designed to suit most standard size rolling doors backed by a 5 Year Warranty*Many of the B&D remotes have now been replaced by a different design.  Scroll the list below for your current remote to be directed to the best replacement remote for your system.

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