Saying Farewell to Elsema FMT/KEY Remotes: Transitioning to a Better Solution

In the realm of home automation and security, change is inevitable. As technology advances, older systems often fade into obsolescence, making way for newer, more efficient solutions. Recently, the announcement of the discontinuation of Elsema FMT/KEY remotes has left many homeowners and businesses searching for alternatives. But fear not, for amidst this transition, there lies…

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Can I buy a Universal Garage Remote

Can I buy a Universal Garage Remote?

This is a question that is asked commonly and to answer it fully is a little tricky.  There is no such thing as a fully universal garage remote for your garage – but, there is both aftermarket compatible remotes and duplicator remotes.  These in turn are limited to working on only a few compatible systems and the reason is TECHNOLOGY. Your garage door opener will either work…

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