Can I buy a Universal Garage Remote

Can I buy a Universal Garage Remote?

This is a question that is asked commonly and to answer it fully is a little tricky.  There is no such thing as a fully universal garage remote for your garage – but, there is both aftermarket compatible remotes and duplicator remotes.  These in turn are limited to working on only a few compatible systems and the reason is TECHNOLOGY.

Your garage door opener will either work on one of the following technologies:  Fixed code, billion code and rolling code.  On top of this they work on a specific frequency (or sometimes multiple frequencies).

Fixed code technology

Fixed code technology is where you have a selection of dipswitches (usually 8, 10 or 12) and they are placed in a random order (called a code) on your motor receiver which is then duplicated on your remote. These are the easiest remotes to duplicate (as long as you know the dipswitch pattern). 

A great example & most common remote that uses Fixed Code Technology is the Elsema Key 301 12 Switch Remote

Billion code technology

Billion code technology is where each motor is given a code which is different to every other motor in a sequential pattern.  To code these remotes you have to pair it to your motor by teaching it the code.   It is best that these remotes are paired with genuine replacement or an aftermarket remote that focusses on these specific models.

A great example & most common remote that uses Billion Code Technology is the Boss – Steel-Line 2211L TX Remote

Check out the Why Evo Universal Duplicator Remote.  This remote is a universal remote that will duplicate most fixed & billion code garage remotes.

Rolling code technology

Rolling code technology is more advanced and offers a higher level of security than the Fixed Code and Billion Code.   These motors automatically change their code after every push of the remote. But not only do they have to match this technology but they will also have to match the frequencies.

To resolve issues with interference from other technologies (walkie talkies, baby monitors) many newer versions have either a single frequency (ATA Securacode), 3 frequencies (ATA Tricode, B&D Tri Tran and MERLIN+ 2.0) or 5 frequencies (Elsema PentaFob and PentaCode).

There is a solution to a large selection of Rolling Code Garage Remotes.

The Why Evo Universal Duplicator remote can duplicate one of the largest ranges of fixed and rolling code automated systems available in Australia.

What should I do to replace my garage remote?

Finding a replacement garage remote can be tricky and a universal remote sounds like a brilliant solution to your needs.  But before you go out and buy supposedly universal garage remote – check to make sure that your system is compatible.

What do you do if your remote is not compatible?  The best solution would be to purchase the genuine replacement remote for your system.

Check out the brands page to find your remote and purchase the replacement suited for your system.

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