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The ATA GDO 6v3 EasyRoller Opener includes:

  • GDO-6v3 Easyroller® drive unit w/ Easy Access Transmitter
  • Weight Bar
  • Locking bar covers
  • 2 x PTX5v2 Remotes (61161)
  • Installation Accessory Pack
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Standard Shipping Australia-Wide*
  • 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty*


  • Easy to Install
  • Quiet and Efficient to Run
  • TrioCode™ Code Hopping Technology
  • ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System)
  • ISS (intelligent safety obstruction system)
  • SmartSolar™ and Battery Backup Compatibility (optional)
  • Auto Courtesy Light
  • Vacation Mode
  • Pet/Pedestrian Mode
  • Auto-Close Mode
  • Photo Electric (PE) Beam (optional)
  • Manual operation
  • Easy Access Transmitter


To open or close the door simply press a button on a TrioCode™ handheld transmitter, a wall mounted transmitter, or optional wall switch for two seconds.
During open and close cycles the door can be stopped by pressing the button again. The next actuation will move the door in the opposite direction.
TrioCode™ Code Hopping Technology
Every time a TrioCode™ transmitter is used, a new security code is randomly generated from over 4.29 billion possibilities. This greatly enhances the security of
the system and makes “code grabbing” a thing of the past. These transmitters also overcome interference issues by simultaneously sending a
signal over three slightly different frequencies. Even if two of the three signals are jammed, the system will still work.
ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System)
ALPS does away with manual adjustment of the door’s limits position using mechanical parts, such as cams and microswitches. During installation the handheld transmitter can be programmed to set the door limits positions.
ISS (intelligent safety obstruction system)
While the door is performing a close cycle, should it hit an obstacle or be restricted in some manner, it will automatically reverse. The amount of force the door should encounter before reversing is automatically adjusted by the doors control system during the initial installation of the automatic door opener. The door will
also stop if restricted whilst opening. The Safety Obstruction Force should be checked monthly.
Auto courtesy light
The courtesy light comes on automatically for three minutes whenever the door is activated. The light can also
be operated independently of the door by coding a dedicated button on a transmitter.
SmartSolar™ and Battery Backup Compatibility (optional)
The opener can be fitted with a SmartSolar™ or Battery Backup kit for operation in the event of a power outage, or where mains power access is not available. NOTE: If the door is the only entrance to the garage, and a battery backup kit is not fitted, a keyed cable release should be fitted externally to the garage.
Vacation mode
A handheld transmitter can be programmed to lock and unlock all other transmitters that have been programmed into the openers’ memory. The vacation
mode can be used when the door is left idle for long periods of time.
Pet/Pedestrian mode
The transmitter can be programmed to open the door to an adjustable partial height so that the family pet can enter and exit the garage at any time. You may also wish to open the door to a height suitable for pedestrian access.
Auto-Close mode
The opener can be programmed to automatically close after an open cycle. The Auto-Close time is adjustable. It is compulsory to install a PE Beam if this mode is selected, otherwise the door may cause personal injury or damage to property.
Photo Electric (PE) Beam (optional)
The opener has an input to connect a PE Beam for extra safety and use of the Auto-Close mode.
Manual operation
The opener is equipped with a unique manual disengaging device. If the power to the opener is disrupted, the door can be put into manual mode by pulling down on the string handle on an angle towards the door.  This allows for manual operation of the door. To re-engage the opener, pull the string handle away from the
Easy Access Transmitter
Inside the manual release handle is a transmitter designed to be in easy reach so that the garage door can be operated without having to stretch to reach the operate button on the control panel.



Additional information

Weight6. kg

Does Not Apply



Opener/Motor Type

Application Use



Power supply230V – 240V A.C. 50Hz
Standby power2.2 Watts
Motor power100 Watts
Motor type24VD.C. Permanent Magnet
Controller Voltage24VD.C.
Maximum door opening:








Opener Limits Travel3.0 turns of Door Drum Wheel
Receiver typeTrioCode™ type
Receiver code storage capacity14 X 4 button Transmitter Codes
Transmitter frequencyTrioCode™ type
Coding typeCode hopping
Number of code combinationsOver 4.29 billion random codes
Code generationNon-linear encryption algorithm
Courtesy lightFestoon Type – 15W 24VD.C.
Controller fuse10A slow blow

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