Single Arm Swing Gate DIY installation

Single Arm Swing Gate DIY Installation

Living on property is hard work!  Entering and Exiting your property should be a breeze.

Are you sick of the time and physical effort to get in and out of the car twice just to open and close a gate?  Or the bantering of children about who opened the gates last.  It is such a mundane task that can open up a wormhole of risks.

  • Forgetting to put your handbrake on properly
  • Slipping into a cattle grid
  • Trying to avoid the escapee livestock.

There is a solution that would be a blessing in any large property. 

The addition of a swing gate can give you the added comfort of being able to enter your property without risk to yourself or your livestock and also has the added protection of only being opened to select visitors.  No more accidental gates being left open or unwanted visitors.

Trevor, a property owner in Ramsey, QLD has sent us his DIY DACE duraswing single arm gate that he installed at the front of his property.  Trevor created his own brackets for the Duraswing Motor and has attached a keypad to allow a select few access to the property.  Trevor is also due to install the Solar Panels to the swing gate.

Dace Single Arm Duraswing Motor
Bracket created by Trev in Ramsey holding Dace Duraswing Motor

Thanks for your effort on Saturday.  Works perfectly.  Great Product.  Smooth and Wife is Impressed.

Trev from Ramsey, QLD

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