Elsema 151MHz 1 ch TRANSMITTER FMT15101E

Elsema High Range 151Mhz Series

The 151MHz remote control transmitters and receivers are designed to give an operating range of up to 5000 metres with low current consumption of 85mA. The 151MHz frequency is not affected by natural or man-made electrical interference. This makes it an ideal choice for long range commercial and industrial applications.

Long Range Receivers

These high performance receivers are available in a 1,2,4 and 8 relay output array in either a 12/24 or 240VAC. The relay modes can be selected as Momentary, latching, security latching or adjustable timed off delays or pulsingg.

The user can select 8 different narrow band frequencies and program unlimited number of transmitters to the receiver. With a narrow band FM 151MHz signal from the transmitter a line of sight operating range of 5000 metres is possible. The receiver uses a crystal oscillator circuit that ensures high frequency stability allowing optimal performance in the receiving range.

Long Range Transmitter

With an option of the handheld remote with a range up to 800 metres or the powerful high powered wireless transmitter for switching applications that activates via screw type terminals that can be connected to reed switches, toggle switches, push buttons or any other form of normally open (NO) contact.

High Range Analog

The TXA15101E is an analog and digital 151MHz transmitter. The analog signal, normally 4-20mA is transmitted and then recreated at the receivers (RXA15101E) analog output. Also, the normally open digital contact can be simultaneously transmitted with the analog signal. This eliminates the high cost of wiring and has the flexibility of wireless data collection.

Using 151MHz has superior penetration in congested industrial environments with steel construction. Higher frequencies such as 433MHz or 915MHz tend to reflect off metal and make wireless data collection difficult.

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