HT4 2211L Remote Coding Issues

Why will my new 2211L remote not code into my garage?

One of Australia’s most popular garage remotes.

If your house has been built in the last 20 years in Australia, chances are that your garage door was fitted with either a Boss, Steel-Line, Guardian, Lynx or Centurion Garage Opener.

Although the remotes have changed names over this period of time the features have remained the same. The current model is branded by Steel-Line as a 2211L 2 button remote.

As this remote covers so many different models of garage openers, we are starting to see a few technical issues arising during coding of replacement remotes. If you are having issues coding your BOSS remote – one of the below may solve your problem.

Rollerdoor Coding Issue

In the last upgrade to the MODEL: 303RTX, the features to code some of the existing rollerdoor garage openers to the BOSS HT4 2211L remote were not included. This has left many existing customers with a replacement garage door remote that will no longer code to the opener.

As frustrating as it might be we are unable to distinguish which remotes will code the Rollerdoor opener or not. For this reason, it is recommended that an aftermarket remote be purchased to replace the 2211L remotes if you have a rollerdoor opener.

Overhead, Tilt and Panel Garage

Good News – The problem has not be associated with the other garage door openers. The BOSS HT4 2211L 2 Button remote is the genuine replacement for your Modern, Lynx, Steel-Line, Guardian and Boss overhead, tilt and panel garage door.

Boss remote – coding issue.

There might be another reason your replacement remote will not code to your opener. A shipment of overhead sectional garage openers was sent to BOSS wrongly coded for the AUSTRALIAN market. These openers are identical to the original BOSS openers – the only difference is the manufacturers code.

If your BOSS HT4 2211L remote will not code to your Boss overhead, tilt or panel garage door and you have followed the coding instructions supplied – contact us and we can arrange technical support.

None of these suggestions helped.

There is a possibility that the remote was not the issue. We recommend that you head to our trouble shooting post – “Do I need to buy a new garage remote”.

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