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Automatic Technology Australia (ATA Australia) is an Australian owned brand renowned for its world class remote access systems for garage doors and gates.  Their products deliver outstanding reliability whilst maintaining a simple to operate function.

Increasingly, the electronic interference of wireless and cordless devices jams outdoor and gate remotes.  TrioCode™128 overcomes these challenges by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies.  For added security, the TrioCode™128 Garage Door Remotes use a random coding system with trillions upon trillions of random possibilities.

SecuraCode® has code hopping technology that generates a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities on every single use of the Garage Door Remote.

How to Find your Remote

Trio Code 

ATA PTX5v2 PTX2v2 Remote PTX5 v1 Orange Remote
PTX5 v1 Pink Remote PTX2 v1 Remote Eat2 v2 transmitter
KPX7 Keypad


PTX4 v2 PTX4 v1 Pink PTX4 v1 Blue
TX5 Remote EAT v2 Transmitter KPX5 Keypad

.145MHz Range

TXA1 Remote TXA2 Remote TXA3 Remote
TXA4 Remote PTXA1 Remote PTXA2 remote
PTX4 Remote

Discontinued ATA Range

There are no replacements for these remotes.  It is recommended that either a receiver upgrade kit is installed by a recognised installer or replacement with a new opener kit.

ATA TX4 Green Button Remote ATA TX4 Green Button Remote
ATA PTX4 Green ATA TX4 Green Button (GATE) ATA TX4 Green Button (GARAGE)

Garage Door Openers

GDO 10v3 Toro ATA GDO EasyRoller Opener GDO 6v4 Easyroller Series 2
GDO 8v3 Shed Master ATA Dynamo Sectional Door

Sliding Gate Openers

Neo Slider 500 Neo Slider 800


CRX2 2 Ch Receiver


ATA 2-wire Safety Beam ATA Wireless Safety Beam
ata ptx2 old version remote
ATA PTX4 Battery Cover ATA PTX5 v2 GREY CASE
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